I worked with the College of Business at East Carolina University as a graphic designer the 2016–2017 school year. One of our goals was to create a unique look for the College of Business within the brand standards of ECU. One of the main things I gained from this job was understanding the needs, struggles, and benefits of brand identity. 


Trade Booth Panels

The East Carolina Heart Institute asked myself and 11 other designers to create a trade booth for a conference in January. I took on a leadership role early in the project when I noticed a lack of clear goals was greatly diminishing our progress. My main contributions to the project involved leading conversations, making sure the group was focused on what needed to come next, and bringing up topics such as type size, viewing distance, character styles and overall cohesiveness. I tried to keep morale up and encourage the other designers to understand the client’s perspective. These are a few of the panels we designed.