Nabu is a cosmetic line for working mothers of young adult children. The name Nabu came from the Mesopotamian goddess of wisdom and writing. Emphasis was placed on displaying the product in a sophisticated, luxurious manner in order to make the customer feel cared for. One instance of this was placing information on the package in a way that communicates clearly. Nabu’s goal is to make the customer know their needs are carefully considered, and I wanted this to be evident from the moment the customer sees the package in the store.


The patterns in the images bellow are to be used with the logo on packaging and branding. They were digitally created, etched into wood with a laser, printed on a letterpress, scanned then altered digitally. 


The Mac Patch Brew Co.

I worked with four other designers in a 24hr design challenge to conceptualize a microbrew/bar in Asheville, NC based on the Appalachian Trail. The microbrew was aimed at millennials. In the 24 hours we were required to create a name, design a logo, and create menus.